N Amtrak Southwest Limited 8-Car Set w/Display Unitrack -- Amtrak (Phase I; silver, Wide red & blue Stripes, Arrow Logo)


Brand: Kato

Part #: kat 106081

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Includes: ACF Storage Mail #1171, Pullman 11-Double Bedroom Sleeper "Indian Mesa" #2216 (2016 Tooling), Budd 10-6 Pine series Sleeper "Pine Leaf" #2724 (2016 Tooling), ACF 4-4-2 Sleeper "Regal Dome" #2350, Pullman Dome Lounge #9350, Pullman Dining Car #8070, Budd 10-6 Pine series Sleeper "Pine Dale" #2716 (2016 Tooling), Budd 10-6 Sleeper "Pacific Falls" #2610. Cars feature metal wheels, interiors, accurate paint and lettering for Amtrak's early scheme and Kato knuckle couplers. Use this train in conjunction with the Amtrak El Capitan set to re-create the combined post-1974 consist.

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