HO High-Capacity Cryogenic Tank Car - Ready to Run -- Air Products (green, yellow)


Brand: Broadway Limited Imports

Part #: bli 6159


Broadway Limited High-Capacity Cryogenic Tank Cars are used for hauling super-cold fluids such as liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon to various industrial users. These tank cars solved the problem of maintaining extremely low temperatures while transporting large quantities of these materials over long distances. Curious as to how cold these cars could keep liquid oxygen? How about -297 degrees F. Liquid nitrogen kept at -320 F. And liquid argon at -302 degrees F. Now, that's cold! These high capacity tank cars could transport more than 15,000 gallons of liquid oxygen - about double what any of its predecessors could do. If you've got cold liquid gas hauling to do on your railroad, these are the cars for you. Cryogenic Tank Cars feature detailed injection-molded bodies with applied details, accurate decoration, metal wheels and Kadee(R) magnetic knuckle couplers. 

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