HO Rail-to-Road Aggregate Transfer -- Kit - 14-1/2 x 9-5/8 x 11" 36.8 x 24.4 x 27.9cm


Brand: Walthers

Part #: 933 - 4036


  • Perfect for Modeling Modern Transfer Facility 
  • Prototypes Handle Sand, Road Salt, Fertilizer & Other Granular Materials 
  • Railcar Unloading Pit with Conveyor 
  • Twin Storage Silos with Pull-Through Loading for Trucks 
  • Main Office & Guard Shack 
  • Printed Company & Safety Signs 
  • Molded in 5 Colors & Clear Plastic


Wherever sand is offloaded, you'll find facilities like the Rail-to-Road Aggregate Transfer. These contemporary trackside operations can be found at a wide range of industries, where they handle road salt, fertilizer and other granular materials. This complete kit features twin storage silos with pull-through loading for trucks, main office and guard shack, plus printed company and safety signs.

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