HO Milwaukee Road Valley Series 30-Seat Parlor #190-97 - Ready to Run -- Notched Sills & Clasp Brakes Milwaukee (UP City Scheme, Armour Yellow, gray)


Brand: Walthers

Part #: 932 - 9252

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  • Matches Equipment used 1955-1971
  • Correct Armour Yellow, Harbor Mist Gray & Red inspired by the "UP Streamliner Scheme"
  • Modernized Ends
  • Correct Later-Style Diaphragms & Lift Rings
  • Notched or Straight Side Sills as Appropriate
  • 8' Nystrom Trucks w/Disc or Clasp Brakes as Appropriate
  • Die Cast PROTO-Max(TM) Knuckle Couplers
  • Modeler-Applied Wire Grab Irons 


Modeling this exciting era is a snap with Walthers latest HO releases, featuring 13 different cars factory-finished in yellow and gray, with later styles of side sills, ends, diaphragms, trucks and other details.

Later style details featured on this car include: 

  • Build with Folded (pre-1963) or Fixed (post-1963) Car Steps - Both Styles Included.
  • Straight Side Sills, 8' Nystrom Trucks w/Disc Brakes

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