HO Universal Sound & Control DCC Decoder -- Diesel - Alco 244, Alco 539T, EMD567B, EMD710, EMD645, EMD645E


Brand: Model Rectifier Corporation

Part #: 500 - 1910


Universal fit decoder uses 16 bit technology and has built-in prime mover sounds plus more than 30 horns and 8 bells. Comes with plug-in speaker and baffle.
 Six prime movers: Alco 244, Alco 539T, EMD 567B, EMD 710, EMD 645, EMD 645E. Features 16 levels of sound volume adjustment, programming on the main, advanced consisting, 28 accessory functions, 2 or 4 digit addressing, full readback of all CVs, custom speed tables and adjustable back EMF. Contains 8-pin NMRA connector mounted directly on decoder for easy installation. Includes 20mm round speaker with baffle designed to enhance the full fidelity capability of the docder. Will operate on any NMRA compatible DCC system. 1.5 amp capacity. 22 horns, 8 bells.

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